#WriteClub and #TraumaFiction

The Twitter writing community is full of awesomeness. There are oodles of talented, supportive writers on Twitter and lots of great writing-related chats going on at various times on different hashtags. Two of my favourite writing-related Twitter hashtags are #WriteClub and #TraumaFiction. For those who aren’t familiar with these hashtags, here is some basic information:


Write Club was created by @MeganWhitmer for those of us writers who tend to stay home and write on Friday nights rather than going out to a party or the movies or wherever. Basically, it involves 30 minute writing sprints with 10-15 minute breaks between sprints. At the end of each sprint, participants share their word count. It’s a great way to cheer each other on and keep each other motivated. Write Club runs on Friday evenings/nights in both the UK and North America. Come join in the fun if you haven’t already! (Follow @FriNightWrites and check out the #writeclub hashtag).


Trauma Fiction was started by @EAOtto and is a great resource for medical information. If you want to know how to kill, harm, or treat your characters in a realistic way, this is something you should definitely check out. You can ask @EAOtto specific questions, suggest topics or simply follow along on the hashtag for great information. #TraumaFiction usually takes place on Tuesdays at 10 am CST but check out the hashtag each week to confirm the day/time if you want to follow along in real-time.

I hope these two hashtags will be as helpful to you as they have been to me!


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