Release Day: For Whom the Bread Rolls

fox_forwhombreadrolls_cvr_all_r3Today is the day the second Pancake House Mystery makes its way out into the world! For Whom the Bread Rolls is the sequel to the USA Today bestseller The Crêpes of Wrath and takes readers back to the seaside town of Wildwood Cove, where pancake house owner Marley McKinney tangles with a salty trouble maker… and a ravenous killer.

As with The Crêpes of Wrath, For Whom the Bread Rolls includes recipes inspired by the menu of The Flip Side pancake house.

Here’s more about the book:

Tourist season’s in full swing in the small seaside town of Wildwood Cove, and Marley McKinney couldn’t be happier. Since taking over the Flip Side restaurant, she’s made a few close friends, adopted a cat named Flapjack, and started dating her childhood crush. The only cloud on the horizon is local nuisance Ida Winkler, who blames Marley for landing her nephew in prison. Trying to get a rise out of Marley, Ida’s been making crank calls and even vandalizing the pancake house.

The police can’t do much about the pranks, so Marley sets out to bury the hatchet once and for all. But someone’s beat her to it—in the most shocking way possible. After stumbling across Ida’s dead body, Marley’s suddenly the number-one suspect in her murder. Clearing her good name is going to be a tall order, but Marley’s not about to let Ida keep ruining her life—especially from beyond the grave.

You can find For Whom the Bread Rolls wherever ebooks are sold, including and Barnes and Noble.